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About Me:


My name is Raya, I’m 37 years old and live in Vienna, Austria.


I was born in Hannover, Germany and grew up living together with my family. I’ve been playing video games for around 25 years now. I also became interested in anime & manga through video games (we now own over 2050 manga) and later also in Japanese and Korean pop culture and fashion.


After I finished school in 2003 I decided to move to Austria to live together with my boyfriend Tom. I studied Japanese studies at Vienna University and finished it with my bachelor degree in 2009. I also took some elective courses from Korean studies, but I can’t really understand anything…


Today I work at a big Austrian retail and tourism company as reception and customer service manager. In my free time I love to read fantasy and science-fiction books or books by Japanese authors and of course also manga; watch tv or anime; play video and computer games, especially RPGs, MMORPGs, open-world action, fun racing, music or strategy games; play board and card games with my friends; take photos of everything and everyone with a great passion; create and enjoy good food; go shopping; swimming or play with my two cats. I love to collect skirts, wigs, nail polishes and eyeshadows.


In July 2014 our cute little son, Flynn was born, who is the new center of my life now :).

About Citrus Glitter:


Citrus Glitter is my personal blog where I share parts of my life and thoughts and all the things that I like. I love to write and also to help others. I want to show everyone that you don’t have to give up your hobbies, your personality or your style, even if you are 30+ and have kids. I also want to provide some information and reviews about the things I’m interested in and try to give some helpful tips.


I’ve been creating all kinds of websites, blogs and forums for over 15 years now. Most of them were about my love for anything Japanese, including anime, manga and games.

I chose the name Citrus Glitter for my blog because my nickname is Yuzu (often Kirayuzu, because Yuzu is already taken), like the Asian citrus fruit. Originally it came from Yuzuriha (a character from CLAMP’s manga X/1999), but because so many people got the name wrong I shortened it to Yuzu. And Glitter, because I really like sparkling things (my other domain is www.kirakira.de, kirakira (きらきら) means sparkling or glittering in Japanese).


Thank you for enjoying my life together with me!

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Photo: Christian Lang

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