Goodbye my Colorful Hair

Goodbye my Colorful Hair


Two months ago I told you about how my cool hair color(s) faded to a pretty mess because of the sun and water. I finally decided that something has to be done and went to the hairdresser on the next day. I already booked the appointment two weeks in advance over the website, but when I arrived they told me that my hair stylist was sick and if it’s okay to go to another stylist. Hmm @_@, just my luck again. I wish they had emailed me before, because the date wasn’t that good after all for me, because we couldn’t find anybody to look after Flynn. But since we went all the way out there with the bus and Flynn in his stroller, I said it’s okay. I was so happy with the job of my last stylist, because she immediately knew what I wanted and made some really good suggestions.

But now I had to deal with another stylist again. I told her that I don’t like the state my hair is in right now and that I wanted to get it to one light color and not 6 different. I wanted to keep it light because I was thinking to get some colorful hair in autumn again, when the sun isn’t as strong anymore, otherwise we could have just dyed something dark over it and be good. She didn’t really know what to do with it, but she wanted to get the dye out of my hair by bleaching.

2015-06-19 16.37.27

So I was waiting and waiting with the bleach in my hair. They even put another round of bleach in after two hours, because there were still some really persistent strands that turned green now. So after more than two hours I looked like this photo above. It’s not that easy to see, but my hairline was pretty blonde right now, but the rest, especially where the purple color has been, was in a moldy green now. And it didn’t get any better after three(!) hours of bleaching. We had to wash out the bleach, because it would have damaged my hair even more, without any better result.


She suggested to use a light brown hair dye with a red shimmer to cover and neutralize the remaining green pigments. Somehow I was pretty disappointed and exhausted by the long uncomfortable wait, so I just said yes. The result was darker than what I expected. I don’t think the color was bad though, it just wasn’t what I wanted. It’s actually pretty similar to my natural hair color, just a bit lighter and more reddish (and without any white hair of course ^_^°).


Well maybe this was the best you could do with my “mess” in the end. What I liked about my new hair color is, that it is not that common and a little bit more special in comparison to a normal brown. And it doesn’t look that bad after all. I’m still somewhat sad because I just love having a unique hair color.

2015-06-19 20.31.51

I finally came to the decision that it might be best to keep my hair color normal for a while. The bleaching and dyeing process is not only really time-consuming and expensive, but it also damages the hair too much. My hair is really tough, but after three hours of bleaching on already bleached hair, I can see and feel how easy it breaks now.

Seems like I have to resort to wigs again if I want some more color in my life ^.^! I’m lucky that I have quite a big choice of different colors and styles.


Today, around two months later some of the brown color either faded away or was washed out and I have the feeling that you can see a hint of green again o_O. I think I have to dye my hair again really soon. I’m not sure what color might be best, keep it lighter or dye it darker… What do you think?