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Here you can find all the important information about Citrus Glitter. Please note that these rules may change over time without further notice.

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Content on this website is copyright protected. Text, photographs, videos and other information are the property of Raya Schneider / Citrus Glitter unless otherwise stated, and may not be used for commercial purposes without permission. You can contact me at for permission to reuse any content.

You may use my photos for non-commercial use at your blog if you provide a clearly visible link back to the blog post as the source. Please just let me know if you used anything, though :). If you want to use anything else, please contact me before using them. You are also allowed to pin my photos on Pinterest or blog them on tumblr as long as the proper source to the blog post is given.

All content on this blog is created by me unless otherwise stated. I’ll always give the source link to any content that is not by me. If you don’t want your content presented on my website, please just contact me and I’ll take it down immediately.


I’m not responsible for any content on linked websites. I only link to pages that are safe in my knowledge at the time of linking.

While I try to keep my content as accurate and up to date as possible, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of any information given on this website.

Please note that English is not my first language, so if you find any mistakes please just tell me. That also means that I might not be perfect in expressing myself every time. I’m really sorry about that and hope that I’ll get better and better with practice. Anything on this website is not to be taken hateful against anyone. I’m always open to polite discussions, but I’ll just ignore and/or delete any hateful comments because I want this place to stay nice and positive.


All opinions stated here are my own.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Raya Schneider

1230 Wien / Vienna

Österreich / Austria