My 33rd Birthday

My 33rd Birthday

My 33rd Birthday

How can I be 33 years old already? Okay, my birthday was actually already a little over 2 months ago, but I still can’t really understand how that could happen. If I see other people my age (in reality, tv or blogs) I always feel a little strange. They are all so much more grown-up than me, they have their own houses, maybe one or two cars, a whole bunch of kids, a great career in fancy jobs I never heard of with loads of money (or just having money without having to work o_O) and are able to go on a vacation two or three times a year. Most of those people even look way older to me than I am, even if they are in fact younger than me, just because the way they dress and behave (and the wrinkles they might already have…).

And I’m sitting here between my shelves full of manga and books and video games and figurines, raving about Fallout, fangirling about Arrow or The Flash or whatever tv series it is right now (oh, I really enjoy Scorpion at the moment), watching anime, which constantly make me think about life and morals and the state of the current world and future (I’ve watched Kiseijuu/Parasyte and GATE recently if you’re wondering) or studying the backgrounds and scientific explanations of my favorite comic heroes and villains or video games from YouTube videos XD.

My 33rd Birthday - Poinsettia

But I won’t complain about my life. I love having so many different and interesting hobbies (including blogging), and I think it’s rather sad that so many people don’t even have any really hobbies anymore (except meeting friends and going to parties, it’s not like I wouldn’t also meet up with friends from time to time).  Yeah, a little bit more money would always be great and from time to time I’d really like to have a car (or a driver’s license at least), but when I think about it I’ve actually accomplished a lot in life.

I got my bachelor degree in Japanese studies. After university, I just started out as a sales assistant and within 5 years I was able to experience different areas of work and was promoted to a manager position. And of course, there is Flynn! I love to experience how he is growing up and learning smaller or bigger things each day. Like he suddenly said the word “Auto” (German for car) multiple times two weeks to only forget it two days later again XD.

So it’s not like I’m a total failure. However as I already said, it’s always a little bit awkward to compare yourself to other people your age, especially most of the other moms (I know, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others, but I just have to), and I feel like an alien.

My Birthday Lunch

My 33rd Birthday - At the Asian Restaurant

But let’s come back to my birthday: We (or better I) decided that I want some delicious Asian food for my birthday. So I threw on my favorite green Lolita dress from Fan+Friend and we took most of the family to Asia Restaurant Peng. Back when we had our old apartment in Perchtoldsdorf, we only lived 5 minutes away and we’ve eaten there a lot over the last 10 years. Now that we live a bit farther away, it’s not as easy to get there, but from time to time we still have to go there. It’s our favorite Asian Restaurant here and everything is just so good! We chose to get something from the buffet, so I got a hot and sour soup first, then a little bit of mixed Chinese food like Gan Bian meat and some fish balls, and after that some sushi and maki. Finally, I got a small dessert but then I was completely stuffed.

My 33rd Birthday - Sushi & Maki

Surprisingly Flynn also ate a lot. And really everything I gave him to try. He even liked the pickled ginger that comes with sushi and wanted to eat more ^,^°! Sometimes I’m really a little bit scared of him. But everything was really good, so in the end, I understand him.

My Birthday Presents

Now let me show you all the presents I received for my birthday. Tom got me four new Funko Pop!s for my collection: Bobblehead Marvel Loki, The Flash (from the tv series) and the male and female Lone Wanderer from Fallout 3.

My 33rd Birthday - Funko Pop!s

That’s my whole collection now, including the ones we bought at Vienna Comic Con. I couldn’t help posing together with them for a photo. To say it with Loki’s words: I have an army!

My 33rd Birthday - Me & My Funko Pop!s

I also received some winter tights from my mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law. I think they might have been annoyed by me always complaining about the fact that I don’t have enough tights ^,^°. Somehow I’m always in need of new tights because they always get damaged so fast, even the wooly ones. I don’t know why, but every time big holes somewhere at the toes or at the heel suddenly appear from nowhere.

 My 33rd Birthday - Presents

Then I received this poinsettia, a Lindt chocolate Advent calendar, and some homemade Christmas cookies from my father-in-law and his wife:

 My 33rd Birthday - Presents

The cookies were incredibly good. It was a mix of Vanillekipferl, coconut macaroons, and smiley cookies. They were gone so fast. I wish there had been more! Unfortunately, the poinsettia didn’t live that long as well, but we kept it alive until Christmas at least.

 My 33rd Birthday - Christmas Cookies

As a big surprise, my father sent me a package with some canned curly kale and Mettenden (pork sausages), which are really hard to impossible to come by here in Austria.

 My 33rd Birthday - Presents

I just love curly kale. It’s the perfect food for cold winter days, even if this winter isn’t exactly cold. But we still made some kale with the sausages and potatoes one week after my birthday and it was great. And Flynn liked it, too.

So much for my birthday. It wasn’t really exciting or anything, but I had a great time and I was happy about all the presents that I got.

Raya Schneider