my private luxury

"my private luxury" nail polish by ANNY (401)

Today I want to show you one of my favorite nail polish colors: “my private luxury” by ANNY (#401). It’s the perfect shimmery dark blue shade for any style, be it an evening dress or just a normal jeans outfit (if you’re wearing jeans, at least, I’m usually not. Like never ^,^°). It just goes with so many other colors, like all blues, purples, pinks, some greens and neutral colors of course. I just love all blue and turquoise nail polishes. I already collected so many shades over the years. Partially they seem awfully similar, especially in the bottles but…

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Chocolate Bonbon

L'Oréal Casting Crème Gloss - Chocolate Bonbon - Hair color

After my last visit at the hairdresser back in June, some time has already passed and most of the color had already faded away by September. My hair was really light again and I always had the feeling like you could see some of the bluish-green undertones in some parts in my hair again (I don’t know If it was just me, but take a look at my tips here… Such a strange color), that came from my blue than purple to pink hair I had until last summer. I was pretty unsure what to do with my hair now,…

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vibrant vibes

It’s not easy to find a good green nail polish. I already wrote about the adventure how I found my last green nail polish, when I was particularly looking for one. This time it was a little bit easier: In August I just went to my local drugstore like any other day and suddenly discovered the new Essie Neon Collection. All the other colors weren’t real neon colors in my opinion and I already own very similar colors, but I really liked the green color called “vibrant vibes” (#368). It’s a pretty special light and bright neon lime green color. And…

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stiletto lady

While I don’t like red nail polishes nor owning one, I do enjoy pinks, purples or rosy colors. And then there’s also this beautiful aubergine-colored nail polish: stiletto lady by ANNY (#198.70). I already bought it (and also took these photos) back in spring, on the same day I bought ANNY’s paradise on earth at Douglas, but never came to show it to you. I think this is just a perfect color for the upcoming fall, so I’m using the opportunity to write about it now. I’m honestly not into fall fashion or colors. Every year at around this time…

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Goodbye my Colorful Hair

Two months ago I told you about how my cool hair color(s) faded to a pretty mess because of the sun and water. I finally decided that something has to be done and went to the hairdresser on the next day. I already booked the appointment two weeks in advance over the website, but when I arrived they told me that my hair stylist was sick and if it’s okay to go to another stylist. Hmm @_@, just my luck again. I wish they had emailed me before, because the date wasn’t that good after all for me, because we…

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Electric Yellow

This year’s summer is incredibly hot. Normally I just love summer, sun and heat, but the last weeks were even too much for me. The temperature outside was always around 30°C up to 38°C during the day and in our living room we always had 28°C to 32°C. And the fact that I have a really active toddler around me the whole day, doesn’t make it any easier… Phew! You can’t stay inside because it’s so hot and stuffy and outside you’ll just burn to a crisp because of the sun. I haven’t actually been as tanned as I’m this…

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Fifty Shades of Purple

Yes, I really haven’t been very creative with the title, but somehow it’s just so accurate. Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics again, and that’s hair colors: I had to wait for a really long time until I was finally able to dye my hair again. Yes, I know. I could have dyed my hair even while I was pregnant, but I just didn’t want to. I was more than careful with everything during pregnancy, I didn’t even use any nail polish because I read that the vapors from nail polishes might be dangerous for your unborn child. Now I…

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paradise on earth

"paradise on earth" nail polish by ANNY (368.80) - X-MAS UNDER PALMS (2012)

At least once every week I have to decide which nail color I want to use next. And since I’m very bad at decisions, I always ask Tom to help me pick a color from my big collection (in fact it’s even bigger now, I have more than 60 different colors!). One month ago I asked him again and he chose green. Perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day! Well, this was when I just realized that the only green nail polish I own would be essie’s “the more the merrier”, a bright grassy green, which just didn’t suit my mood…

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