Electric Yellow


This year’s summer is incredibly hot. Normally I just love summer, sun and heat, but the last weeks were even too much for me. The temperature outside was always around 30°C up to 38°C during the day and in our living room we always had 28°C to 32°C. And the fact that I have a really active toddler around me the whole day, doesn’t make it any easier… Phew! You can’t stay inside because it’s so hot and stuffy and outside you’ll just burn to a crisp because of the sun. I haven’t actually been as tanned as I’m this year for at least ten years now. That also has to do with the fact that I don’t have to work yet again, but also because I try to be as much outside as possible with Flynn without putting our skin in danger. I’m just happy that today and the next days will finally be a little bit colder with rain. I think everyone and the nature needs this now. And you can get your daily dose of sun by other means as well:


Back in spring Tom told me I should try out a sunny yellow nail polish. At that time I only had one yellow polish, and that was a pastel yellow (which can be seen here).

While shopping I then found the nail polish “Electric Yellow” #749 from the Color Show by Colorama line by Maybelline New York (such a long name…). I really liked the shade and tried it out on the next occasion. The finish is really light. In this example I used one layer of transparent base coat and two layers of the yellow color. But even with two layers the coverage and finish aren’t great and it doesn’t look that good at all. It might help to either use a white nail polish as a base color or to use three layers of polish. I might have to try that for the next time.


So all in all this nail polish isn’t my favorite. I really like the shade when it’s in the bottle, but on the nail it just isn’t as nice as I thought it would be. There really is a difference between nail polishes for ~€10 like those by Essie, Anny, etc. and those that only cost around €3 like this one.

Here I’m also posing with my pre-tanned pale spring skin (I know, really old photos >.<). I think it might look better combined with at least some light tanned skin. Maybe I should try it again now. I even got another sunny yellow color by ANNY (indian sun) soon after, but I haven’t even tried it yet, because now I’m not so sure about yellow nail polish on me anymore


I’m also really sorry about the bad paint job here, but sometimes it’s really hard to paint your nails undisturbed by your little one. Now I only paint my nails in the evenings any more, when Flynn is already asleep ^.^°.

What do you think about yellow nail polish? Yay or nay?

Raya Schneider