Family Meals – Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Family Meals - Fall/Winter 2015/2016

If you’re following my blog for some time now or if you know me personally, you might have already realized my love for food. I really enjoy eating good food, but I also love cooking, especially if I can cook or bake for my family. I cook almost everything freestyle without any recipe. I have some standard meals that we eat a lot, but I also like to try out new things every now and then. I also attempt to make every meal even better and better with each time, like trying out new herbs and spices or using different…

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Family Meals – 365 Days Edition

Cooking with a small baby at home is near impossible. Especially the first months were really hard for me, but even now with a 13 month old toddler, it’s still a challenge to find the time to cook and bake when I’m alone with Flynn. However sometimes I actually am able to make some great meals or cakes. And of course it’s getting better the older Flynn grows. So today I want to continue showing you some of our family meals from the last 12 months. At least the ones that I took photos of and that are acceptable to show…

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Recently in my Kitchen

Today I want to show you some of the delicious things I made in the past few months. Since I have so much more free time at the moment, you can see me cooking and baking more often than before. But I won’t complain. I just love cooking, baking and especially eating ^.^°. I might not be perfect (yet), but I really like to try new things and I’m hoping to get better and better with each time. I think I have to, now that I’m going to be a mom real soon XD. If you’re interested in a recipe…

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