Recently in my Kitchen

Today I want to show you some of the delicious things I made in the past few months. Since I have so much more free time at the moment, you can see me cooking and baking more often than before. But I won’t complain. I just love cooking, baking and especially eating ^.^°. I might not be perfect (yet), but I really like to try new things and I’m hoping to get better and better with each time. I think I have to, now that I’m going to be a mom real soon XD.

If you’re interested in a recipe to any of these, just leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to write down the recipe for you.

Potato and Pea Stew with Frankfurters:


Oh I just love vegetable stews. This time I did one by myself for the first time and it came out rather delicious. For this one I just greens, potatoes, frozen peas, fresh herbs from the garden and then added some frankfurters and sour cream to make it more creamy.

Linguine with Field mushrooms, Bacon Bits and Cream Sauce:

2014-05-20 12.18.24

Oh these were delicious as well. Some time ago I really craved mushrooms, so I thought I’ll make some pasta with mushroom cream sauce. I added some bacon bits for the taste. Unfortunately the garlic got burnt a little, but well, things like that happen…

Raya’s Colorful Summer Potato Salad:


OMG, this was so good!!! I already made a lot of potato salads in the past, but they always consisted of mayonnaise or Miracel Whip. Well since mayonnaise consist of raw egg, and those are a no-go for me at the moment, I made my first non-mayonnaise potato salad by myself. The salad is made up of 1kg of potatoes of course, a bunch of radishes, some pickles, corn and frozen green beans. For the dressing I just used rapeseed oil, white wine vinegar and some fresh herbs like parsley, chives and dill.



You can just eat the salad alone as a whole vegetarian meal or use it as a side dish to barbecued meat or just some simple frankfurters like I did on the next day.

Self-made Cheeseburger:


Yay, we made some (somewhat wonky – sorry!) own cheeseburgers again. Not long ago, I craved some meat almost everyday, kinda strange for me, since I eat meat-less meals half of the week at least, but it seems like my body needed it. In fact Tom made the patties (and also the meat balls in the next meal), but other than that this one is just really simple with mixed salads, one slice of cheese and sour cream and barbecue sauce.

Linguine with Meat Balls, Mozzarella Balls and Tomato Sauce:


Just a really simple, but delicious pasta meal. We had some leftover ground meat from the hamburgers we had the day before and Tom made some small and simple meat balls out of it. Then just make a simple tomato sauce out of sieved potatoes, spices and herbs and then add some mozzarella balls (if you like them – like me ^.^!).

Farfalle with Broccoli, Carrots and Sun-Dried Tomato Cream Sauce:


Another pasta meal. Yes, I just love all kinds of noodles (not only the italian types, but also asian as well). Some people already told me they think that I’m only able to make pasta meals (which isn’t true at all >.< uaaahh!). This time I made a vegetarian version with frozen broccoli and carrots. For the Sauce this time I went with sun-dried tomatoes and cream. Really simple, but delicious and colorful as well!

Baked Potato and Spinach Casserole:


Oh this meal has just everything I love: Potatoes, spinach, cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. The whole casserole is completed with a creamy and a little spicy sauce. It was so delicious!


Okay, let’s continue to the things I baked. I’m pretty good with everything like cakes or pies but horrible when it comes to cookies, so I just leave that to Tom each christmas.

Apple Tarte:


Since I haven’t made anything like this before I used a recipe for this delicious tarte (it’s german, but you might use a translator, if you’re interested). I actually made it twice already and it came out great both times. And it’s so easy to make.


So juicy and sweet!

Filled Nutella Muffins and Sour Cherry Nutella Muffins:


There’s not much to say about these, just one thing: If you put some Nutella in your dough the muffins will be so much more fluffy and juicy. And you can also get them so much easier out of the paper form. From this time on I’ll always put some Nutella in the dough! This time I made some with a creamy Nutella core and some with sour cherries. Some other time I also made some with banana bits and banana cinnamon muffins. These were great as well!


Okay, that’s about it for now. I don’t know how much time for cooking I’ll have, when Baby Flynn is here. But if I got something nice, I’ll of course share it with you again.

Which of these examples of my cooking looks best in your opinion? Would you try any of these?

Raya Schneider