my private luxury

"my private luxury" nail polish by ANNY (401)

Today I want to show you one of my favorite nail polish colors: “my private luxury” by ANNY (#401). It’s the perfect shimmery dark blue shade for any style, be it an evening dress or just a normal jeans outfit (if you’re wearing jeans, at least, I’m usually not. Like never ^,^°). It just goes with so many other colors, like all blues, purples, pinks, some greens and neutral colors of course. I just love all blue and turquoise nail polishes. I already collected so many shades over the years. Partially they seem awfully similar, especially in the bottles but…

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stiletto lady

While I don’t like red nail polishes nor owning one, I do enjoy pinks, purples or rosy colors. And then there’s also this beautiful aubergine-colored nail polish: stiletto lady by ANNY (#198.70). I already bought it (and also took these photos) back in spring, on the same day I bought ANNY’s paradise on earth at Douglas, but never came to show it to you. I think this is just a perfect color for the upcoming fall, so I’m using the opportunity to write about it now. I’m honestly not into fall fashion or colors. Every year at around this time…

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paradise on earth

"paradise on earth" nail polish by ANNY (368.80) - X-MAS UNDER PALMS (2012)

At least once every week I have to decide which nail color I want to use next. And since I’m very bad at decisions, I always ask Tom to help me pick a color from my big collection (in fact it’s even bigger now, I have more than 60 different colors!). One month ago I asked him again and he chose green. Perfect for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day! Well, this was when I just realized that the only green nail polish I own would be essie’s “the more the merrier”, a bright grassy green, which just didn’t suit my mood…

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blue bikini girl

I’ve got a new favorite nail polish color: blue bikini girl #385 by ANNY! Isn’t this just the best metallic and shiny turquoise-bluish nail polish color you’ve ever seen? Simply perfect! Somehow I haven’t seen this color in Douglas stores in Austria yet. I don’t know why, because it belongs to ANNY’s standard colors… I found this at a Douglas in Hannover while I’ve been there last month. I don’t know how many nail polishes I currently own, and the collection ist getting bigger and bigger each month. Maybe I’ll show you my whole collection some time later this week.…

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