Mint & Gray


Mint is such a great color. You can match it with almost every other color, I especially love it together with other pastel colors like light yellow, light pink or light blue. But if I don’t want to look too sweet, I also like the combination of mint and gray.


So for this outfit I mixed mint with gray, black and white for the perfect dark/light and color balance. I like how my star scarf picks up the mint from the skirt and the gray from the tights.


I love this skirt by MINKPINK. It has the perfect shape, the mint is gorgeous and it even has polka dots! There are just two flaws to it: It does wrinkle pretty fast. I just ironed it before I put it on. Then I had Flynn on my lap for two minutes and it was really wrinkly already again. I hate ironing, and I usually don’t do it to neither of my clothes except for cosplay or lolita items, because normally it’s just not necessary. If you let them dry on a good laundry rack or in the tumble dryer and if you carefully put it in your closet right away, there just are no creases. And then there are people, who also iron their underwear or bedclothes… I rather spend that time on other things ^.~. But the skirt hung just too long untouched in my closet between all the other skirts (and I have lots as you might have already realized), that it looked really bad.

The other flaw is, that it’s a little bit too thin and light, so with the slightest breeze it’ll be lifted right up. And it was pretty windy this week! But that wouldn’t stop me from wearing it, with some tights underneath it just doesn’t matter as much.


Cardigan – ZARA | top – H&M | skirt – MINKPINK via ASOS | tights – Primark | sneakers – Converse | scarf – PIECES via Peek & Cloppenburg | nail polish – Essie #242 where’s my chauffeur?


I have the feeling that my hair gets lighter and lighter each week. I think I might have to dye my hair soon because my terrible roots are starting to become really visible again. I’m happy that you can’t see them on these photos XD.


What is your favorite color combination with mint?

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Raya Schneider