4 Weeks Remaining

4 Weeks Remaining

Wow, the big day is only 4 weeks away today – approximately of course. Because you can never say for sure when exactly the baby will decide to come out.

Well, according to what my mother told me I however was born exactly on the calculated date. The story is easy to tell: My mother didn’t feel well and walked (!) with my grandmother to the hospital and not even two hours later I was there, just without any trouble whatsoever. My mother even complained that she was hungry, but no one wanted to give her something  to eat, because I was going to be born soon, and she just wouldn’t believe that, haha. Seems like I was well prepared and organized right from the beginning XD. I hope that I inherited my mother’s genes and that Flynn’s birth will be easy like that.

I’m still not sure how I should think about birth. Tom asks me everyday if I feel nervous or something, but I just don’t really feel nervous at all – yet. For now I basically can only think about how I can finally see Flynn for the first time. I’m so curious to see what he looks like and have him in my arms (and not kicking and moving around inside me – oh how I will miss this XD). There are so many things I’m excited to experience together with him and Tom. I also think about secondary things all the time like, what I’ll be finally eat again, and that I’ll be able to move around easier and wear all my old clothes again. I already thought of a whole list of good reasons to bring me through birth if it gets tough, I don’t know if it’ll help, but it also helps at moment when I just feel a little down.

I don’t know how long we still have to wait. I do have the feeling though that it won’t really take another four weeks. There just isn’t any space inside my belly anymore and Flynn seems to be so active and lively. Like he wants to come out, see everything and play around. According to my doctor Flynn is in a perfect position for birth. What a relief. In fact he lies with his head down since around March already! Well, we’ll see how it goes when the day has finally come.

So if you’re interested here are also some rare photos of my in my current state. Please note that I took these photos two days ago when it was still incredibly hot outside (around 30° or more, it’s great that it’s finally gotten a bit colder today – I’m feeling so much better) without any make up or anything else. I didn’t mean to look so tired XD.



dress – Forever 21
leggings – H&M
sandals – Ariane @ Deichmann
headband – claire’s

These might be the first and only photos of me while pregnant you’ll see on my blog. It’s not that I feel extremely unattractive with more weight, it’s just that I can’t really offer much diversity or creativity in the clothes I wear. I haven’t bought any maternity clothes except for underwear and two pairs of tights, which I’m extremely proud of. Most of the maternity stuff is just outright boring and just not stylish at all (or way too expensive) and I also don’t want to buy things I can’t wear anymore when everything is over again. Most of the things are still stretchy things in small from before I became pregnant, I did buy some normal things in medium size though, which I can continue to wear later without any problem.



I don’t like my hair cut at the moment at all. I went to the hairdresser two weeks ago and had to go to another girl, I’ve never been at before. She made my hair way to short and just totally awkward and then also styled it terribly. After washing my hair it curls into all different directions. The only thing that help a little is to straighten it to death. As you can see I also didn’t dye my hair for almost one year now (last time was August last year) so my hair gets greasy so fast and you can see all my white hair, it really drives me crazy at the moment >.<, but there’s nothing else I can do, except for waiting. Fortunately it grows pretty fast so it’s already gotten a little longer now.

As a bonus here are the newest ultrasound pictures of Flynn (might be the last ones maybe?):


Flynn’s cute little right feet. You can even see the nail on his big toe.


Here’s one of his ears. It wasn’t possible to see his face anymore, but at least you could something of his head XD.