Cats in a Box

Only 10 weeks left!!! That doesn’t really sound that long anymore, but on the other hands it’s still more than two months until our baby will be here. We already got all the most important things and prepared most of the baby room, but there’s still much more we need.

I ordered a lot of things for Baby Flynn online, like the co-sleeping bed or baby buggy, because we both don’t have a car, but also some smaller things as well. So recently I received a lot of parcels and with that amazing wonderlands for the cats – boxes.

I just don’t think any cat can resist cardboard boxes. I’m not sure why, but they just love to sit in them, sit on top of them, jump into them, run through them or just destroy them after some time has passed. Meia & Loki are no exception.

So with the last delivery I got a really strange  and long pillar shaped package from amazon, which the cats really enjoy. Yesterday both cats were looking especially stupid again, so I had to take some pictures:








How I love the confused and silly looks on their faces. It’s still totally surprising to me how entertaining cats are sometimes, I just can’t help but watch them. I just love my cats!!

Raya Schneider