Dive Bar


Last week when I went shopping, I found a great new essie nail polish color called “dive bar” (#90). It’s a black-blue color with a pretty turquoise shimmer. Somehow I’ve never seen it before, so I thought it has to be a color from a limited collection but when I checked the essie website later, I found out that it’s one of the standard colors.

Normally I don’t really like black nail polishes, because they look quite boring, but with the great green-bluish shimmer it really looks different and special.

I’m a big fan of nail polishes with some shimmer in it. It somehow seems to me that they are the easiest to apply without looking flawed or not evenly applied. With matt finish colors I have the problem more often and I’m always angry about why a beautiful color has to have such a stupid texture/finish…

A good example would be butler please by essie (reviewed here). The color is so pretty, but on the nail it just looks strange. It’s quite see-through as well, so even with two layers it doesn’t look good. It’s really sad, but I regret using it again and again >.<…

Well as for dive bar, I think it’s a great color for the upcoming darker half of the year. It looks really elegant and reminds me of the deep sea or outer space. But it’s not like I wouldn’t be able to dress up colorful for autumn and winter as well ^.~.




I think I own way to many nail polishes, but I stopped my nail-polish-buying-madness already some time ago. I’ll just buy really special colors from now on. And for all the other colors? I already have all of them more or less ^.^°…

Raya Schneider