Autumn Colors





faux leather jacket – Pimkie
cardigan – H&M
turtleneck t-shirtH&M
pleated skirt – Forever 21
polka dot tights – ZARA (bought on sale for €3!)
boots – S.M.H via Humanic
Vanella owl pendantSwarovski
nail polish: essie #90 dive bar

For this outfit post I thought about taking some pictures outside, because I’m on vacation this week and I’m trying to enjoy the potentially last nice and warm days outside this year. I’m hoping for the best, but it’s getting colder and colder each day, especially in the nights. Well, as long as it’s not freezing cold or raining or just grey for half of the year, everything is still fine.

I was going for a cute autumn outfit with matching colors in brown, yellow and wine red. I really like it.

So I found this small forest like spot not far away from home, where noone was able to watch me doing my photos and think I’m crazy *lol*. Because I don’t have anyone to take photos of me (I always wonder how other bloggers do this, especially in the city. Does everyone have their own photograph running around with them each and every day. Does that mean there are actually two people without any real job???) I just put my camera inside a tree branch and set it on self timer. Most of the photos were pretty bad, with cut heads or feet or just straight out blurry, but some came out quite nice in the end. Please just ignore my self timer face – as always ^_^°…

This time I tried to edit the photos with the Windows app Fotor. I wanted to give them a warm and vintage autmun-like feeling, but I have the feeling they somehow came out different than what they looked like in the app. They also look quite pixated. Or maybe it just me and my eyes playing a trick on me. But all in all it’s really nice and so fast for editing. Maybe I’ll try it again next time.

I should try to do even more photo shoots outside in the future. I need to find some more nice places!

Raya Schneider