Tales of Xillia – Milla Maxwell Collector’s Edition

Let’s celebrate, there’s a new JRPG out! Finally also fans from outside Japan are able to buy and play Tales of Xillia (at least if you didn’t get the japanese import version yet), which came out in Japan already two years ago.

It was clear right from the beginning that we would buy this game, but when we read that there will be a special collector’s edition of the game with a beautiful Milla figure for preorder at the official Namco Bandai store (later also available on other sites as amazon) we knew we had to get this special limited edition.

We received the box even one day before the official release here in Europe on August, 9! Here you can take a look at our (kinda bad *lol* – it was our first try!) unboxing video in cooperation with cerealkillerz.org:

The collector’s edition contains the game of course, an exclusive 21.5 cm Milla Maxwell figurine (including base), a 100 pages Artbook with original artworks from the dev team and a Tales of Xillia Original soundtrack of the game.





We already played around 20 hours now, and the game is great. I really love the Tales of series for their always returning elements and style and their great and creative battle systems and the possibility to play co-op.

Especially Tales of the Abyss has the special place in my heart. I still think it’s one of the best JRPGs I ever played, I couldn’t say it’s the best, but definitely in the top 5 together with Final Fantasy IX, Shadow Hearts 2, Skies of Arcadia and may I also count Secret of Mana in (MMOs excluded)?

I’m really excited how the story will continue. Maybe I’ll also write a review for you when we finish the game ^_^.

Raya Schneider