Let’s enjoy the Beginning of Summer!


I took holiday this week (but I have to work on saturday again), so I have a lot of free time and will hopefully be able to catch some sun and get some things done.

As some of you’ll know E3 starts today! I’m already so excited about the next generation (well, at least for the PS4) and all the new games that they’ll show or even might announce. Except for all the obvious stuff, I’m really interested if there are some new JRPGs. Ni no Kuni was great and we even get Tales of Xillia 1 later this year, but these games are already pretty old, if you think about the japanese release date. And after playing XIII and XIII-2 I don’t even know if I even want to play Lightning Returns, with that stupid time limit as well >.<. I own Final Fantasy XIV already so you can’t really say it’s that new (even if A Realm Reborn is completely different). Well, we’ll see!

Good news: Tom and me will be going to the Final Fantasy Distant World concert in Vienna at Wiener Konzerthaus on saturday. I’m really excited and can’t wait for it! You could even have a Meet and Greet with Nobuo Uematsu if you get the most expensive ticket, but that was a little bit too expensive for us, so we got the middle price tickets. I thought of maybe wearing a Aerith-inspired outfit for that occasion with a pink dress, a short dark pink jacket and my new brown long-haired wig decorated with a pink hair bow and voila!

Let’s see what else will happen this week. I also want to go for a new photo safari soon. I’m still thinking about a good location for that, though.

I also experimented a little with my camera again and found some new funny but also some pretty useless features as well ^.^! But this pop art design photo came out kinda nice:


I love how detailed my eyes are in this photo with the rest looking so simple… Maybe I’ll try to get some shots like this of the cats and make some prints out of them.