Strawberry Love

Strawberry Love

We have a pretty big balcony. In fact it’s a loggia, but I’m not sure if everyone knows what I’m talking about, so let’s just call it balcony. We have about 20m² and it’s secured by a net so the cats can’t fall down from the 3rd floor. So originally its floor was covered by grey stone plates, but last year we bought a lot of wood plates from Ikea and filled the sides where the plates didn’t fit with beautiful white stones.

I already finished glazing the wood im preparation for summer, and since it’s finally warm outside, the bamboo we bought last year also found his way outside again. Luckily he survived the terrible winter in the hallway right in front of our apartment. I didn’t even have to water it at all… Maybe the air was humid enough with all the snow we had this winter…


This year I also got some small organic strawberry plants for my balcony. That’s what they looked like two weeks ago:




I was pretty afraid they might die pretty soon, but they are doing quite good:



They are already looking like little strawberries! I really wonder what they taste like! I can’t wait until I can havest the first one. I hope the cats aren’t faster than me!

I also bought some organic herbs again:


basil – oregano – thyme


chives – parsley – dill

I really love cooking with herbs! It makes everything much more interesting and tastier. And on the healthy side you can even get a great taste without much salt.