Shiny Turquoise

Shiny Turquoise

FINALLY!2013-05-03 18.11.35

Finally my hair was light enough to get some colorful ombré ^____^! I’m so happy!!! But first things first….

As I already wrote before, I really wanted to have a special hair color, something that not everyone has. So I thought about getting pink ends, but back in March, when I bleached my hair it didn’t come out light enough for that so I just left it blonde. Last week friday, after 2 months of waiting, it finally was time to go bleaching again. My hair wasn’t damaged from the bleaching and the brown was also gone. The days before I thought about what color to go for. I’ve seen pink multiple times now and it lost its specialness *lol*. So I thought about a vivid purple that would fade into a lavender color over time.

Then we went to the hairdresser (young style in SCS again) and we where waiting at the reception and I saw one hair stylist. She had medium long blonde braided hair with one turquoise highlight! I thought how nice it was looking and Tom just said:” Well just get turquoise then, it looks even nicer than purple!”. And then I change my decision from one second to another and 3 hours later I was looking like the photo above.



Isn’t the color incredibly stunning and cool? I love it! Unfortunately it’ll wash out pretty fast, but when it’s gone I could try out another color. For now it’s still okay, but when I’m washing my hair everything in the bathtub is just blue XD… Let’s see how long it’ll stay!


Tom and me with brand new hair!