New hair style!

Last friday I finally went to the hair stylist again after more than a half year! My hair had already gotten way too long, it didn’t look  good anymore and it annoyed the hell out of me. So when I finally had some money and time I had to take the chance. Same as last time I again went to young style at Shopping City Süd, with which I was really happy last year and I wasn’t disappointed this time either. As you might already know I really wanted to have some kind of nice hair color. I thought about getting some brown hair with pink ends, but unfortunately, even after one hour (at least it felt like one hour!) of bleaching most of my hair haven’t reached the needed lightness for a nice light pink. The only parts that did, had to be cut away, because I wanted to have them shorter again to around should length. So the stylist and I discussed about what else we might do, and I decided in favor of a nice brown to blonde ombre style. So maybe in around two months I can try to bleach them lighter again, and maybe be then it will be possible to get a violet at least. Here’s the result:

DSC00265 DSC00268IMG_20130308_184647And one bad quality instagram picture XD…

The hair isn’t as yellow as one the first pictures. I just took them in the evening with not much light and had to make them lighter to be able to see anything XD. It surprisingly looks more natural on the instagram pic… I especially love the cut, which is really cute and light. Can’t wait for May for the next step in my plan to get my perfect hair color ^.~.

Raya Schneider