cocktail bling

Hi! Today I want to show you one of my new nail polishes: #203 cocktail bling by essie. This color and four others were included in the german standard selection in exchange for 5 other colors ( #91 midnight cami and #89 over the edge amongst others, which I both snatched before they were sold out ^.~).




It’s really hard to describe this color: It’s a light grey mixed with a mix of a light blue and lilac. Just something in between those XD… As always the photos I took the day before yesterday don’t do it any justice. Where’s the sun when I want to take any photos?

This color is particularly beautiful with two layers of colors. One is a little bit too sheer for me, but two are just perfect. And because it’s such an original color I think it can match quite a few other colors like greys, blues and also trendy neon colors in contrast.

I’m always a little sad to know, that while we only have 80 standard essie colors here, you can get so many more in the US… I know, that I could also visit special nail polish stores here in Vienna, which also sell the colors that we don’t have, but they are so hard to get to! I’m never around those areas, I’m always working from 9 am to 6.30/7 pm, and I’m too lazy to just go there on my days off >.<… Sooner or later I’ll go there and get some rare, limited colors!

Does anyone have any tips which store is the best for rare nail polishes here in Vienna?

Raya Schneider