My New Baby (finally a new camera XD!)

Hi everyone, how are you?

Today, I just wanted to show you, my new baby:

2013-02-08 08.06.42

I finally saved enough money to buy a new photo camera ^.^! First I thought about buying a digital SLR camera. I really loved taking photos with SLR cameras, but they are so big and heavy to just take them around, and I’m someone who wants just to take photos every time and everywhere, so I was rather skeptical about buying one. With all the advertisement for the Nikon 1 camera, I really became interested in the new system cameras, which are not only as small as normal compact digital cameras, but the photo quality is similar to that of DSLR cameras and you can also change the lenses and add other accessories.

I’ve been reading about interchangeable lens system cameras for 3 months to find the perfect one for me (€ 500+ buys need to be really checked out beforehand). I read a lot reviews on amazon, checked out photo magazines and also asked Tom’s best friend (he’s a tech pro) and everything just seemed like I had to get another Sony cam (my last to digital cameras were from Sony, too ^.^).

I decided to get the Sony NEX-F3 in a special bundle with a smaller everyday lens to change from amazon. Luckily everything with the shipping went fine (I was a little bit scared that it might get lost in the mail), and I was so happy when I was finally able to hold it in my hands.

It really is something else than a normal digital camera. I’m still a newbie and still have to learn so much because there are so many adjustment features. It takes photos so fast, that at first, I took them faster than I wanted *lol*. And the quality (at least for me) is so overwhelming. I know that there are better cameras out there, but for me, this is more than enough. First I tried to experiment a little with my cats, here are some first impressions:









I haven’t photo-shopped, nor photo-scaped *lol* these photos. I just adjusted the size and added the round frame. What do you think? Well, at least Meia & Loki are super cute!

I can’t wait for spring and summer to take the camera outside and take some beautiful pictures of nature!

Raya Schneider