Hi everyone, I’m back!

Hi everyone, I’m back!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I already started so many blogs, but I didn’t really kept them up to date >,<. Maybe the only one I had over a longer time is my tumblr and only because I’m mostly reblogging things. But I want to change now and continue the blog I created on blogspot this year called Citrus Glitter. And why not hosting your own blog if you already have unused webspace and own domains which you pay for all 3 months.

As you can see I’ll write anything in english from now on. I’m doing this to reach more people than only the ones that speak german, and everyone who speaks german does know even some english anyway, am I right? Not really, but I hope for the best. Please just note that english is not my first language and therefore I might make mistakes or what I write might sound strange, but I’m doing my best to get even better.

I also created a new domain for my blog: citrusglitter.com. Well, it still contains my Nickname (Yuzu ist a citrus fruit) and also what kirakira means: glittering or sparkling. I really like this name and since I still had one free domain for my package I just got it XD.

In the last week I experiented a lot with my old blog: which theme to take (I’m very picky and every theme had some things I like and unfortunately also something that I didn’t liked about it until I finally found this one today which is the best choice I found and also really nice), which plugins to use and also which style I was going for. I hope you also like it.

Okay, so I’ll post a lot of nice things in the future so please stay with me.

Best wishes,


Raya Schneider